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What is "Technical Task"?

Most often, the IT contractor performs exclusively technical tasks: "tell us what needs to be done, and we will do it", completely without understanding the problem that needs to be solved.

Based on 10 years of work experience, we come to the conclusion that developing a website or an application is not the end goal. It is only a tool that should help solve a specific customer problem.

At the heart of our approach are the client's goals. We may understand the technology, but the customer is an expert in their business. Solving the client's problem is at the intersection of these two competencies. Therefore, we join the project at the early stages, working out concepts together with the customer and fully immersing ourselves in the project.

This approach allows you to direct each stage of development in the right direction, which ultimately leads to the achievement of the desired result.

We refuse projects that formulate the task as "increase sales" or "increase profitability". These are core business challenges that are influenced by many factors and cannot be solved by a single technical solution.

How we work at NTS

We have already developed dozens of complex websites, mobile applications and automation systems. This experience allows us to establish a work process aimed at ensuring a return on investment for our clients and supports our interest in quality work.

Our approach is based on four key stages:

1. Acquaintance.

- Discussing the client's business and identifying the problem to be solved.

- Deeper audit if necessary.

- Agreeing on specific KPIs to measure the success of the project.

2. Strategy development.

- Brainstorming of the internal team to discuss ways to achieve the set goal.

- A strategic session with the client, during which we present our vision of solving the problem and form an action plan.

3. Project development.

- Daily team discussions to resolve technical and creative issues.

- Consideration of the final goal during the entire development process.

4. Measurement of the final result.

- Assessment of the extent to which our solution solved business problems.

- Measuring impact on metrics such as conversion, workflow optimization and cost effectiveness.

Our goal is to ensure long-term relationships with clients, so we do everything possible for their satisfaction with our work. At the end of the project, it is important to measure specific results so that the client can assess how effectively we solved their problem.

Our focus on the client's goals allows us to regularly challenge ourselves and develop.

This approach helps us effectively solve unique tasks and ensures a high level of satisfaction from our work. This approach is beneficial for our clients, as it allows them to achieve specific goals and get a significant impact on their business.

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