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The website is the first thing consumers look for when they want to learn more about a brand. The main goal of creating a website is the formation of a complete image of the brand, which will be original in appearance, unique in its internal content, as well as functional and useful for every visitor or client.

The design of your site will be unique and adaptable for any device. You can use all the functions that are on the site and available for desktop PCs on a smartphone or tablet.

The experience of our employees in the field of Web development is more than 12 years. We will work on your site down to the last detail, every client will be satisfied.


Sites developed by us always load quickly. We use clean engines, quality code and fast servers. Your customers will not wait! 


type of site

Brief and technical


Design, layout

and programming


At the very beginning, you need to decide which site you need. Whether it will be a simple landing page, an image site or an online store that provides the possibility of ordering.

1 day

Defining the type of site

We discuss the project with the customer to clearly understand the task, explain the process and what nuances may arise. We estimate the terms and cost of the project.

2 days

Brief and terms of reference

One of the important parts of the work is the collection and preparation of materials — it greatly affects the deadlines and quality of execution. The customer provides materials, which, if necessary, we edit.

3 days

Preparation of materials

After the concept is approved, we create the design of the necessary pages, their layout and programming. When creating a site, we take into account adaptability, which allows you to reproduce your site qualitatively on any device.

7 days

Design, layout and programming

We place the test version on a temporary server. After analysis and all necessary modifications, we transfer the site to the previously selected hosting with its own domain name.

Placement of the site

Support and changes

If necessary, we create new pages and develop additional functional elements, as well as any other necessary content for your site.

Filling with content

We usually connect a content management system to the site, so the customer can independently change, edit and fill the site with the necessary information.

Website design concept

After receiving all the materials from the customer, we proceed to the creation of the website design concept, which we usually present using the example of the main page and several internal pages.

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