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The best ideas for the Telegram channel: Top 5 selection of 2024

Updated: May 10

In today's Internet space, almost everyone who is connected with online earnings has considered the possibility or has already created a group in the Telegram channel. This is an excellent way of communication, exchange of experience and information for those who are active in this direction. At the same time, the choice of topic and direction for the channel requires careful consideration and analysis of the audience's needs. Especially in 2024, when the competition is already high, it is important to choose the right strategy and topic for the channel to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the target audience.


An eternal topic that has not lost its relevance for many years. However, with the emergence of new channels, it is more difficult to earn a percentage from affiliate sales. Therefore, experienced owners of Telegram channels try to narrow down the request:

  1. Jewelry reviews;

  2. Clothing reviews;

  3. Reviews of electronics;

  4. Reviews of household goods;

  5. Reviews of pet products.

The list is not final, but each such channel can attract from 100 to 1000 subscribers without much investment, using Pinterest or other platforms to start.

Channel about hobby or profession

Many authors are ready to invest 100 times more effort, rewriting other people's content, receiving a minimum profit, ignoring their experience. In fact, a good copywriter will earn much more on a group dedicated to his craft than on a channel about finance or business, because there is no experience and necessary knowledge. You will have to "suck out of your finger" topics in which there is no understanding of pitfalls and other aspects, and it is always extremely fast and easy to read by everyone who has already done startups or their own projects. Why? If you have experience in fishing, in repairing equipment, in the field of earning money on the Internet - create thematic content, share your experience. Each niche has affiliate programs or referral links, the list of which we have already presented. Do your thing and your group will grow organically and naturally.


Many groups dedicated to the development of services based on artificial intelligence already have hundreds of thousands of subscriptions. Is it worth fearing? No! New services for YouTube owners, sites, musicians, businesses, designers, etc. appear every day. Almost every service offers an affiliate program with which you can earn money with your target audience. The advantage of such a group is that you can review services on YouTube or TikTok, which will allow you to quickly find a large audience of Telegram subscribers at minimal cost. To do this, it is quite simple to use a program to capture your own screen and voice what is happening. Improving the sound quality will allow .


The rating of the best ideas for creating a Telegram channel is supplemented by the topic of marketing, business, ideas, startups, and more. Here is the largest number of partner programs and a wide field for discussion of various interesting topics. Let's consider several options:

  1. Interesting facts about business, big companies. Discussion of news and startups. Promoting your referral links.

  2. Discounts, promotions, promo codes. You can talk about the raffle of various stores. Next, we connect to Admitad , receiving a percentage of the sale of services or goods.

  3. A channel dedicated to the activities of a certain profession. For example, Webmasters can make good money on free site promotion instructions. In the future, already trained users will be able to thank for this with their success and interest in already paid services.


As before, the best idea for promoting a Telegram group is cryptocurrency, but not everything is so clear-cut. Those people who are really involved in the process can earn on such channels. Users who know about testets and airdrops are rewarded for engaging users through referral links. Without understanding which of the projects has prospects, it is hardly worth developing such a group.

Thanks to NTS, your business will receive not only Telegram and Telegram channels, but also the opportunity to increase sales by 70% with the already specified 5,000 initial subscribers from your country. We understand that in today's world it is important not only to have a presence on the Internet, but also to establish effective contact with the audience. With the help of our services, you will not only get channels with several thousand subscribers, but also a strategy aimed at increasing your conversion and attracting new customers. Entrust your business to professionals and let it grow with us.

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