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Shop on Facebook: How to use Facebook Shop to sell online

Is there a better platform to display products and communicate with customers than Facebook? Thanks to the powerful feature of e-shops called Facebook Shops, you can create convenient conditions for your audience, make purchases, increase online sales and take your business to the next level . We will take a detailed look at the advantages, possibilities and methods of creating a Facebook Shop. Whether you're a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur or just starting your online business, get ready to discover the incredible possibilities that Facebook Shop has for you

Why create a store on Facebook?

There are several reasons why using Facebook Shops is beneficial for both businesses and customers.

Facebook is a widespread social media platform with billions of active users. By creating a store on Facebook, businesses can reach a large audience, strengthen their online presence and increase brand awareness.

Since most Facebook users access the platform through mobile devices, having a Facebook Shop ensures that your products or services are easily accessible to mobile users. It provides a smooth purchase process in the Facebook app, increasing convenience for potential customers.

Company "Zavod Nikiforov" with impressive results using Facebook Shops

How "Zavod Nikiforov" increases sales using Facebook Shop

The brand "Zavod Nikiforov", specializing in fittings and pipes, was looking forward to the opportunity to use Facebook Shops to expand sales channels and establish contacts with customers on Facebook and Instagram. Having an existing presence on these platforms and a Facebook catalog, "Zavod Nikiforov" company easily created its store.

Customers can easily discover Zavod Nikiforov Shop through various channels such as Facebook page, Instagram profile, Stories and advertisements. The convenience of shopping was organic: users could view products, add them to the cart and place orders directly in the application.

In addition, it was convenient for buyers to contact "Zavod Nikiforov" for support via Messenger or Instagram. Shortly after implementing Facebook Shops, Zavod Nikiforov saw a significant increase in additional orders, which underscores the value of this feature.

During the evaluation period from February 1 to April 30, 2024, Zavod Nikiforov evaluated the impact of Facebook Shops using data from Commerce Manager and Facebook Ads Manager. The analysis showed that thanks to the stores "Zavod Nikiforov" received 1,200 additional orders.

What's more, shoppers who shopped through Stores had an average order value 6.7% higher than those who shopped directly on the website .

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