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Google Algorithm Update 2023: An overview of all the changes and challenges for SEO professionals

Google Algorithm Update 2023: An overview of all the changes and challenges for SEO professionals

In 2023, Google continued to improve its search algorithms, which influenced optimization strategies for websites.

Here we look at the key updates and their impact on the work of SEO specialists:

1. Kernel Update:

Google released several core updates that significantly changed search results. These changes led to a review of keyword and content strategies.

2. Mobile Orientation:

In view of the increasing use of mobile devices, Google has paid special attention to mobile-friendliness of websites. SEO specialists should be ready to optimize mobile versions of sites.

3. Quality of Content:

Content continues to be the crowning factor of ranking. Google has become stricter about the quality and authenticity of content. SEO specialists should focus on creating high-quality and useful content.

4. Expertise and Authority:

Google pays attention to the authority and expertise of the source. It is important to build authority through quality content, connections and interaction with the audience.

5. Local Search:

Google has put more emphasis on local search, changing approaches to local optimization. SEO professionals need to improve their local SEO strategies.

6. Download speed:

Download speed has become even more important. Google has increased the requirements for page loading speed, which requires SEO specialists to pay attention to speed optimization.

Google's 2023 algorithm update has created a number of challenges for SEO professionals, but with the right strategy and adaptation, they can succeed in this ever-changing search engine optimization environment.

Mordy Obersterin , Head of SEO Branding at Wix, has done a thorough analysis of Google's February 2023 Product Review Update. He noted that "Google is taking important steps towards understanding content and profiling for quality." The sites include multiple sellers with their products on the page and use images that emphasize a personal experience. In his analysis, he noted the pages that Google rewarded and those that it demoted for updates.

The SEO community has seen significant volatility over the past few days, especially on February 25th and March 1st.

Google Algorithm Update: Overview for March and April 2023

Between March 15 and March 28, Google rolled out its first major algorithm update of the year. This update, compared to previous updates, was marked by significant volatility, which led to changes in the positions of sites in search results.

Data from the Semrush sensor showed that the major update in March 2023 reached a maximum volatility level of 8 points. The RankRanger Rank Risk Index also confirmed high levels of volatility the day after the update began rolling out. According to experts, this update was considered one of the most impactful compared to the June 2021 update.

Google has recommended a list of questions for webmasters who are monitoring the impact of a core update on their sites. The SEO community on the WebmasterWorld forum expressed their concern about position losses and major changes after the update was completed.

In April 2023, Google implemented a review update, making changes to the product review system and updating the Search Status dashboard. A number of languages are affected by this update, including English, Spanish, German, French, and more. In addition, Google posted a list of 14 best practices for high-quality reviews.

Data from the Semrush and Rank Ranger sensors showed significant fluctuations after the review update was launched in April. The most volatility was observed in the last week of the update implementation.

These Google updates in 2023 have created significant challenges for webmasters and SEO specialists, but adapting to the new conditions will help maintain and improve positions in search results.

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